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Three-Tiered Summer Camp Pricing


Summer camp at the Cathedral Domain can be one of the most meaningful experiences in the life of a child.  Our new tiered pricing helps families recognize the cost of camp and select the level of payment that is most appropriate for them. Families may freely choose any of the three levels, and each child will receive the same camp experience, regardless of the level selected.


For many years, expenses have been subsidized by the Cathedral Domain and the Episcopal Diocese of Lexington. While the generous support of our donors continues to make a significant impact, rising costs and our former fee structure have become unsustainable over time. We want to ensure that many generations to come will experience God’s love at the mountain. Our new tiered pricing is well below the national average, and the quality of our camper experience remains high!


Tier 1 (Full week: $400/Mini camp: $200)

At Tier 1, every camper’s fee is subsidized at the same level as in the past. This tier keeps camp affordable for as many families as possible.


Tier 2 (Full week: $515/Mini camp: $260)

We offer Tier 2 to those families who recognize the value of camp and who are able to pay more of the cost of their child’s summer camp experience.  Each family at this level can enjoy knowing they are helping to sustain the ministry of the Cathedral Domain.


Tier 3 (Full week: $575/Mini camp: $285)

Tier 3 pricing allows for families to pay the same cost as Tier 2, and additionally contribute towards the scholarships of other families who are in need of financial assistance. 



The Cathedral Domain recognizes that more than 1 in 4 children in Kentucky are living in poverty. The Cathedral Domain does provide scholarships to campers in financial need, and our policy is that NO camper is turned away due to financial hardship. Scholarship applications require an application fee of $50 for full week camp sessions, or $25 for mini camp sessions.  For more information on scholarship applications, please contact Andy Sigmon at

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